The Hut

Early in 1977 the then Youth Centre Management made a decision to purchase an ex-factory office which was subsequently transported to the north-east corner of Boystown Fields. Over the next two years it was brick veneered and a concrete slab poured for the future canteen area. In 1979 a state government grant of $20,000, along with financial support from Boystown and local businesses, enabled the canteen and meeting room to be built and toilets connected to sewer. In 1983 the final stages were completed and in July 1984 the building was blessed by Fr. Briffa and officially opened by the Honourable Rex Jackson. M.P.

The Youth Centre club house, which affectionately became known as “The Hut”, served well for the next 19 years. Sadly, due to an act of wilful arson on 31 January 2003, the Youth Centre Clubhouse was completely destroyed.

Not long after the fire Boystown once again reached out and helped by allowing the Youth Centre to use what was called the “Camp Store” as a temporary facility and canteen. Since that time, it has always been the intention to rebuild the clubhouse. Successive committees of the Youth Centre have tried to assemble a Development Application but never quite succeeded.

In recent years a fresh initiative was commenced with a new concept for the clubhouse developed on the back of a prior pre-DA meeting with Sutherland Council and the related feedback received. The design was subsequently modified and improved and formed the basis to establish a Memorandum of Understanding of Operation and Usage between the vested sub-clubs. This significant milestone allowed progression to engage professional consultants to assist with the formal lodgement of development application.

Numerous unexpected difficulties arose in the DA preparation process but methodically and persistently all issues were addressed and solved and the DA for the new clubhouse was finally lodged with Sutherland Shire Council on 1 April 2021.

At present (November 2021), the public consultation period has closed and Council has issued a request for some addition details and have also suggested some recommended adjustment. All these have been addressed and this will enable the Council to fully examine the development application and the Youth Centre is optimistic for a favourable approval in the near future.